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A New Lakeway Site!

A welcome site!  Sky Realty has a new website which will be a great tool for users to get the most updated information about Lakeway.  The new Lakeway site will have a convenient search for homes tool along with a home location map.  It will also have great information about local retail, restaurants, marinas, activities, music and much more.

Lakeway has that small town feel yet is located close enough to downtown Austin for a convenient commute.  It is also a close drive to the northwest  and the southwest areas of Austin.  Lake Travis is a beautiful backdrop along with the rolling hills which gives the area a picturesque setting.   The homes in and around Lakeway vary from moderate to estate homes.  Several communities offer amenities such as  swimming, parks, playgrounds, golf and tennis.

Jennifer Hart, REALTOR


Connect with Social Media

There’s a good chance the story of the creation of Facebook will be the subject of the next movie to win “Best Picture” at the Academy Awards. The other day the Hollywood Foreign Press voted “The Social Network” as its choice for best picture. Just how pervaisive is the Internet and its most popular application in our lives today? Well, according to a recent story in the New York Times, last year 107 trillion e-mail messages alone were sent on the Internet. I’m guessing a good deal of those were sent using Facebook. But that figure doesn’t even count the videos, photos, music and other digital stuff folks passed amongst each other during 2010.

The Numbers Keep Rising

 A company called Pingdom which monitors Internet traffic put together a report that gives a snapshot of what humanity did last year on the Web and its creations such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. First, ever wonder how many folks are on the Web these days? That would be 1.97 billion. You’d be right if you thought Asia (and mainly China) had the most users with 825.1 million. But America is third with 266.2 million behind Europe at 475.1 million.  How popular is Facebook? It started 2010 with 350 million users but celebrated the new year with 600 million. Users sent 360 billion pieces of content (think links, messages, photos,etc.) across Facebook in 2010 and that number is sure to swell tremendously this year. Some 25 billion twitter messages were sent last year while users uploaded 130 million photos each month to Flickr. Finally, and this should be no surprise to Justin Beiber fans –he’s number 1 by the way, the Evolution of Dance guy, or fans of the very flexible Ross sisters and their “Potato Salad” mind-bending barn dance, we all watched 60 billion videos on YouTube EACH month last year.   Check back with me this time next year and the numbers for 2011 should be astounding.


Today, social media is the best way to get and give information.  This applies to real estate. I use several social media tools in my daily business to provide the most up to date information to my buyers and for my listings.