I specialize in the Southwest Austin area

942A6462-Edit_WebShe began her career in Louisiana working in the oil industry, but after a road trip with a friend to Austin for a Joe Cocker concert in 1976, she knew that someday she’d call Austin home. She moved here with a friend in 1985 and found her first job at a bank. She couldn’t have known that her experience working in banking, high tech, and the music industry would prepare her so well for her eventual success in real estate. Her clients know that she’s dedicated, tenacious and does what she promises. “My common sense and street smarts never hurts either,” she laughs.

She’s raised two daughters in south Austin, and still calls it home. When she’s not working, Jennifer loves being outside. “There’s something special about Austin’s greenbelts and trail networks. People are often surprised at how much public green space we have,” she says. “It just feels good to get outside and walk the many trails that Austin has to offer.” Austin is also known for its live music and Jennifer and her husband frequent a wide array of venues to take it in. She satisfies her own creative streak by painting with acrylics, just for fun, and reading good historical fiction. She loves good stories with happy endings, especially in real estate.

942A6485-Edit_WebEven after more than a decade selling real estate, Jennifer Hart loves that moment when her buyers walk into a property and just “know” it’s the one. She feels a great sense of satisfaction when clients are genuinely happy. “This is not an instant gratification business, but it usually works out. Things just tend to happen the way they should,” she says. Her biggest pleasure is making things happen and guiding clients through the process. Multiple offer situations are not uncommon in Austin, and she works hard to educate and manage the stress of this type of situation. There are no sweeter words than, “I can’t believe we got this house!”

942A6479-Edit _ WebShe says that she always keeps the truth front and center during transactions. “We are trying to bring two parties together to buy or sell real estate. Both parties should be happy.” Part of that balance is knowing when to negotiate and when to play “hard ball.” You have to understand people. That’s one of the great parts of her job; with all the variables, it’s never the same twice.

“Real estate is the most satisfying job I’ve ever had,” she smiles, “mostly because it’s the most challenging one.” And despite its challenges, Jennifer’s clients keep coming back and say things like, “I’ve bought, sold, and rented with Jennifer multiple times and it has been flawless every time. She’s thorough, thoughtful and genuine” and “She does all the right things at the right times. She strikes the right balance and is extremely capable and well versed.”