Avana – A Southwest Austin Development

A new development in southwest Austin! The original developer of Avana started breaking ground a few years ago and stopped, the 1,000 acre project was zoned to have an 18-hole golf course, hotel and approximately 1,100 residential lots.  With the economic crunch these plans have changed and new owners/developers will be purchasing sections of the development.   Standard Pacific began construction about a month ago and will build on a 100 acre portion of the development which will be part of the Circle C homeowners association.

New Homes Coming Soon 

Standard Pacific is estimating that the homes should be ready for sale this coming spring and  homes will range between mid $200,000 to the lower end of $300,000.  Other sections of Avana are being sold to different developers/builders  and some sections will have to be rezoned from golf course use and hotel use to residential.  The Avana property is in Travis County but does have a section that lies in Hays County.  As portions of the Hays County property get purchased the issue of schools will be addressed.

How to get there

Avana is on the east side of the 45 Toll road in southwest Austin which is the extension of Loop 1 south,  the entrance to Avana will be directly across 45 from Escarpment Blvd.  This area of Austin is highly desirable because of its close proximity to downtown and has seen a steady growth with retail markets.


      • Jennifer,

        Stan Pac is developing homes from the 260000 price point in Highpointe at Dripping Springs. They are calling them condo sites. Are the Avana homes the same type and what is the difference?

          • I just received confirmation from the Stan Pac rep stating that Avana will be a single family residence. Avana will not be zoned like Highpointe for condo sites. He will be sending me plans for the homes at Avana, please contact me if I can help you with either neighborhood.

  1. Hasn’t the Alamo Drafthouse been “about to be built” for 4 years now? I’m also curious how adding more housing and cars but no amenities will increase the quality of life for existing residents, and their ability to sell their houses when competing with new construction starting in the 200’s. Didn’t Meridian sell for the high 300’s at the top of the market in 2007?

    • Hi SW Austinite,

      The first talk on the internet happened in Jan. of 2009 and it was some time before seeing anyone out there working. So, 2 years have past since they first talked about the Alamo in Southwest Austin. I hear that they have come across financial roadblocks like most others that are trying to get financing especially in commercial or retail developments. I still have hope that our economy will turn around and we can have Alamo Drafthouse in our community. Avana was set to have upper end homes with an 18 hole golf course and hotel. Again, our economy stopped that development. I hear that Standard Pacific will start homes around the mid 200 range. Yes, it would be nice to have higher end homes with grand amenities! Standard purchased around 100 of the 1100 acres. Let’s hope the next builder will build a higher dollar mix of homes. I would think the homes going in by Standard will compare to the homes in Circle C’s Wildflower section.

    • Hi Mike,

      I read the same about a week ago. Let me know if you have more information on what is going on. I’ve researched and have not found any other information on the Alamo Drafthouse. Will post again if I hear anything.

  2. Thank you for your reply Jennifer. I’m concerned that homes at the mid 200 pricepoint are being allowed into our community. Investors could start buying up the houses, or groups of adults could purchase.. not the well-heeled types that I’m accustomed to. What is the monthly payment on a 250K house? $1800? That puts our community within reach of a whole new class of people, and I don’t like it.

  3. Good afternoon, Jennifer. I was looking at another Standard Pacific development that had a very competitive pricepoint around $200K-$250K near Southpark Meadows called “Parkside at Slaughter Creek”. The schools appear to be good (‘recognized’ track K through 12) and the area (Onion Creek) appears to enjoy a very low crime rate: http://www.krimelabb.com/_basic/view/v_zip_map.php?zip=78747&month=jan&year=2011

    What is your opinion on this area? Thanks!

    – Mike + Karen

    • I must clarify the location – it’s located across I-35 from Southpark Meadows, and just north of Onion Creek. The areas a few miles northeast of there seem to have higher crime, but it doesn’t appear to affect this area. I have toured a few of the homes and they seem to be on the level of custom build. I suppose this is what is to be expected from Avana as well? I absolutely l-o-v-e your blog, by the way.


      Mike + Karen

    • Hi Mike,

      I have to say that I have not had a buyer or seller in Parkside. I have driven around the area and like the homes and nearby conveniences. I would say that the future market values will be better in Southwest Austin rather than Southeast Austin. I can see that Southeast Austin will continue to grow with I30 and all the retail springing up all around and the fact that there is much more land for future development. If you look at the future growth of Southwest, it is limited because of limited land. I did speak with the contact at Standard Pacific and he gave me the following information: The lots purchased by SP will be in the CCHOA, they should have a model home finished some time in February with spec homes to follow. I am still working on information to see if other areas of Avana will also be included in the CCHOA. Let me know what information you would like on parkside and I’ll help you however I can.

      Thank you!

  4. It does sound appealing. My other concern would be my commute to downtown. The Avana development is a 16 mile drive to downtown compared to a 9 mile drive from Parkside. I’m also concerned about the size difference between Avana and Parkside. The houses in Parkside appear to be closer to 3000sf at the same price as Avana would be for 1500sf. Yikes! We plan on having children soon, and are concerned that a 1500sf house would be outgrown rather quickly. What are our other options. We need a larger house if we’re spending 250K. Thanks!

    Mike + Karen

  5. I guess I need to clarify. We weren’t looking in Southeast Austin, we were looking at the Southpark Meadows area, which appears to be about 9 miles SSW of downtown. Thanks!

    Mike + Karen

  6. @Mike/Karen- the good thing about either of those two locations is the short distance to the Alamo Drafthouse when it opens. avana is about 5 miles away and parkside is about 7 miles. It sounds like an easy drive regardless of which community you choose. Good luck in your home search 🙂

  7. I purchased a home in Avana and have been very happy with it so far. The salesperson, decorator, and foremen have all gone above and beyond the call of duty to help make my home fit my needs. The workmanship is of excellent quality. If you’re looking for a home in the Circle C area, Avana would be an excellent location to consider.

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