Let it Snow!

Snow day in Circle C

Snow in Circle C

Austin is known for it’s hot summers and cool winter weather.  Last year we did get to see a glimpse of some of that cold white stuff, will we get the pleasure again this winter?   Typical Texas weather; cold one day, hot the next then a freeze…I like surprises so I guess that’s one reason I love living in Central Texas.  I looked up a few snow facts and here is what I found:  It has snowed 50 times since 1898 with most of the snow falling in the month of January, February coming in second.  Last winter my daughter went to bed with high hopes because there was a report that it might snow, here in Texas that means no school!  We woke up to snow the next day and of course a much appreciated snow day!  It was a fun day filled with outdoor activities, tongue tasting the cold wet flakes, building a snow man while the sun was attempting to come out, hurry, hurry, take that picture before it melts and the traditional (snow or ice day) sledding down the hill.  Cars lining up and down Escarpment Blvd. with kids trying to get the best and highest point to slide on.  What a great time these kids have!  Well, I don’t anticipate a white Christmas but, will we once again have a few flakes to enjoy?  I hope so!


  1. The Central Texas weather is certainly unpredictable! I went for a walk in my neighborhood yesterday with a tank top & capris – today it was back to bundling up before I went on my walk! At this rate, who knows if we’ll have a white Christmas!

    • My daughters loved their trampoline! They decided to have a camp out one night on their trampoline on one of the coldest nights I can remember! They stayed out all night and woke up to ice hanging from their hair! Thanks for bringing back a great memory!!!

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